Why choose an app?


It is estimated that there are over 1 billion smartphones being used worldwide and it was recorded in June 2012 over 30 billion apps had been downloaded from the Apple Apps Store. With these figures in mind I am confident an app would sell and receive quick recognition . An apps is a great way to engage the user due to its portable and quick nature. When deciding what to cook parents can quickly check my app during a lunch break or school run saving them time ‘googling’ recipes or sifting through recipe books.

According to PC Mag the average age for a smart phone user is around 30 years old whilst the average age for a tablet user is 34 years old. Therefore my target audience for families/ young parents is reasonably realistic for these product users. It has also been revealed that tablet owners are more likely to use their device between 7-10pm whilst smart phone users on are their device at all times throughout the day. This enhances my confidence in my app as parents could be selecting their recipes on their iphone earlier on in the day whilst perhaps then following a recipe directly in the evening from a tablet. It should also be noted that smart phones are generally for communication and task-oriented activities.

It’s simplicity and efficiency is not only what makes my app so attractive. As mentioned smart phones and tablets are perfect for their portability.  Reading recipes from a phone or tablet means that’s recipes can be followed easily without taking up a lot of cooking space. Recipes can be followed in hand whilst preparing a dish saving time logging on to laptops or book marking recipe pages. My app will also have a speak option so methods can be followed without even having to read them.

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