Delia Smith

Before I decided who would be the perfect face for my app, I had to first pinpoint my target audience. When considering where the idea of my app came from it was a young parent, so I feel families would be the best target audience. Parents are always conscious on serving up healthy dinners for their children and are less likely to grab a sandwich or a light snack for dinner than youngsters or those without a family to feed.

Now I had my target audience I began to list some famous chefs that could work. Initially I considered Jamie Oliver as he is renowned for being concerned about the welfare of children’s dinners. However after researching the idea I found he already had a food app available, ‘Jamie’s recipes’,

I also considered Gordon Ramsay however after researching his recipes, they seemed to be more luxury and speciality dishes rather than family friendly.

I then considered Delia Smith. After being the face of Waitrose she certainly represents healthy tasty foods. Her recipes are renowned for being simple so it wouldn’t put off parents who are looking  to cook quick and simple dinners. Her recipes are certainly family friendly and her approachable personality and like ability sees her as being the perfect representative. She is also the UK’s leading cookery author so her high profile would be sure to attract the attention of app users.


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