My app idea

The idea for my app actually came to me when I was getting my hair done. My hairdresser was complaining about not knowing what to cook for dinner. She was a young mum and had a toddler and her partner to cook for every night. She complained about cooking the same dishes all the time and said she was bored of doing the same foods all the time. This got me thinking about when I was child. I was one of three so sometimes my mum would have five people to cook for each night. She typically did a specific dish every night of the week so we always knew what we’d be eating. Even for a young child that gets pretty boring and repetitive!

So i’ve decided to design an app which will help you come up with a variety of new meals to rescue dinner time from becoming tedious! Obviously people know what foods they like to eat so my app will have different food categories like chicken, fish, pasta etc to help the user decide what to cook.

To make my app more appealing I want to find a famous chef to be the face of my app so its recipes will be trustworthy. Time to get thinking…..

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