Link to my blog

Here is the direct link taking you to my food blog

Overall I am very pleased with the outcome of my blog. I feel its layout looks smart and professional as well as being easy to read and follow. I feel it has taken the reader on a journey of cooking rather than just listing pages of recipes like many cooking blogs. For me personally it has inspired me to get cooking more often and has shown me how simple our favourite foods can actually be to cook.

My only issue with my blog is the imagery of my own food. Unfortunately my digital camera had broken so I was only reliant on my iphone. Although I’d to capture the dishes as best as I could, if this blog were to look more professional the image quality of my final dishes would have needed to be a lot higher.

I debated whether to change the format of my blog to ascending order as it makes the most sense when being read from the bottom to the top, however ideally my blog followers would have read my blog daily or at least every few days so they would have been taken directly on the journey of my posts.

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