Must reads

When researching the concept of my blog I stumbled across two very influential articles online.

The first – The cooking crisis

This article agreed with the concept of my blog. It stated that in today’s society more and more people are reaching for the takeaway menus instead of cooking their own meals. It also gave me confidence in my blog when it stated people don’t know how to cook, so I hope by following the simple recipes I have found and adapted, it will inspire people to have more confidence in themselves when cooking. It was also interesting when the article revealed how purposely addictive ready made foods are due to their vast amounts of salt and sugar. It spoke of white bread being more addictive than brown bread due to its small amounts of fibre, fibre being the key ingredient needed to fill you up.

Another very helpful article I read online was Britain’s national takeaway dish

This was a very influential read as it is referred to chinese, indian and pizza being the top three takeaway foods in the UK. Therefore I thought it would be important to make a dish from each one of these categories in blog. It was also interesting to learn that chinese was the most popular takeaway cuisine followed by indian then pizza.

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