Cooking online


Seeing as the project is based on using online media I thought it best to find all my recipes online. To make sure all my recipes are reliable I’ve opted to use recipes taken from more mainstream sites like BBC Food and the Good Food Channel. Most well-known chefs also have their own websites publishing recipes so I will probably find recipes from here too.

The online advances of today have certainly impacted our attitude to cooking. By simply logging online a person’s whole cooking experience can be changed. Long gone are the days of sifting through recipe books for that perfect dish. By merely searching a desired recipe on google you will be spoilt for choice on a huge variety of dishes and various adaptions.  Youtube has a great range of cook along recipes ranging from a short video showing you how to prepare a specific vegetable to a video showing you how to cook a full blown Sunday roast. In my blog I will be sure to take advantage of youtube and its videos allowing them to aid in the cooking of my recipes.

When buying all my ingredients I also went online. If you’re buying a specific list of ingredients it’s far easier to quick search your foods online than frantically walking up and down the aisles of the supermarkets. An article in the Telegraph proved how more and more people are doing their food shop online and its believed this figures will double within the next five years. Click here to view the article.

Similar to my blog idea there is also a great variety of websites helping to aid inexperienced cooks. When browsing online I came across a website called Smart Kitchen. This websites offers cooking tutorials for beginners, intermediates and experienced cooks. Although this site requires a membership fee it offers cooking lessons on a variety of skills and a large database of recipes. When describing what their online site has to offer they wrote:

“We’ve put all this proprietary education online because our goal is to spread culinary knowledge as far as possible. We want people to improve their gastronomic experiences, build their palettes, save money on eating out (by cooking in), and create more healthful meals for themselves and their families.”

Clearly this enhances the idea that cooking has now taken to its new form online. Although i’m sure some people still turn to old recipe books for certain traditional dishes, it is clear that more and more people are turning to blogs and websites to find recipes and aid in cooking technique.

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