Cooking is a hugely popular topic amongst bloggers today. Many love posting their favourite recipes or reviews on tried and tested foods. I believe my blog will differ to traditional cooking blogs as it will take the reader on a journey before simply presenting a recipe or photo of the final product. My blog will look at the origins of my dishes, a wide variety of recipes and different reviews. My blog will also incorporate the use of various other media platforms like images and video.

However to maximise the professionalism and success of my blog, it was vital for me to look at a variety of competitors. Here are some of the most interesting cooking blogs I found…

A popular cooking blog is Lottie + Doof  This blog is not only impressive for its creative photography (it makes all foods look mouth wateringly delicious) but the fact there is a slight story behind each recipe presented, instead of just saying ‘you must cook this!’ There is also a wide variety of foods presented ranging between sweet treats and luxurious dinners.

Another influential cooking blog was cookingwithamy Similar to some of the dishes in my blog she has taken to cooking international cuisine that may be seen as intimidating to new cookers. She has also included posts surrounding the culture of dishes and where they have stemmed from. This is certainly an aspect I want to include in my blog.

A final cooking blog I really enjoyed reading was gastrofotonomia Although this blog does not include step by step recipes like my blog, it uses fantastic photography when revealing dishes. The pictures also include photographs of the whereabouts of the dish which make it even more interesting.

There is clearly a lot of competition out there when creating a cooking blog. Yet I believe by researching other blogs it has helped me to define key aspects that I will use in my blog as well as noting differentiations between my blog idea against competitors. As previously mentioned my blog will take the reader on a journey of several posts before presenting my dish which contradicts typical cooking blogs that use a single post for each dish. From researching other blogs, I have realised the importance of visual images when presenting each post as many people are drawn to the way a dish looks before even tasting it! Recipes need to be short and revealed in an easy to read format and to create more depth to my blog I will research various cooking skills and techniques.

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