What’s cooking??

Now that i’ve decided on my blog idea, it’s time reveal the three dishes in which I will be cooking. But before I get on to the fun stuff, its time to face the facts on why I felt the need to post this blog.  A report published by the BBC claimed a staggering 60% of adults in the UK are over weight whilst 30% of children in the UK are also over weight. Whilst a study produced in  2009 by Forbes magazine placed the UK 28th on the list of the fattest countries!


Clearly something has to change. I myself admit to being lazy when it comes to cooking. Although I try to eat healthier meals such as soups and salads, as soon as it comes to the weekend I’m straight back to the takeaways and ready meals. With such a wide variety of prepared foods, is it hardly surprising people are tucking into quick and easy ready meals and takeaways?  Cooking can often be seen as chore as well as expensive, so inevitably people nowadays are more likely to opt for the microwaved dish rather than spend time chopping and preparing foods.

The vast amounts of over weight people in the UK is certainly a wide spread concern. A recent article in The Guardian reports on the proposed tax increase on sugary softs drinks in a bid to reduce obesity levels in the UK. Click here to watch their video.

The fast food intake in the UK is also on the rise. Opting for these tasty takeaways makes it even easier to get your food and it hardly crosses people’s minds what cooking methods are used to create them. Most of these takeaway dishes will be swimming in grease and contain excessive amounts of salt putting people at greater risk developing high blood pressure and heart disease. A recent article in the BBC even noted how several consumptions of fast food per week puts young children at risk of developing allergy related conditions. Click here to read the whole story.

This is where I have taken inspiration when cooking my dishes. A takeaway once a week my seem fine but why not try cooking your own tasty comforts? They will probably be nicer than the ones purchased, not to mention you can keep an eye on the ingredients and amount of salt and fats used.

Dish 1.

My first dish will be inspired from those favourite chinese takeaways. I will be cooking a beef and black bean dish, served with egg noodles. Then to top of this tasty treat I will be making my own spring rolls.


Dish 2.

The second is one of most the popular foods, the much loved pizza. I will be creating the dough from scratch and add a more sophisticated topping of caramelised onions and goats cheese, served with salad and coleslaw.


Dish 3.

The third is inspired from popular indian takeaway dishes. I will be cooking up my own chicken korma, served with boiled rice. I will also attempt to cook my own naan bread from scratch.


I hope by being able to create these favourite takeaway treats, i will inspire others, as well as myself to get cooking more often. Although these dishes are not particularly healthy, I will be careful to opt for low fat versions and do my best to see them being as light as possible. At least by cooking these dishes from scratch, we will become more aware of what we are putting into our bodies which will help when trying to  maintain a healthy controlled diet.


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