My Blog Idea

After much debate on what to blog about I’ve decided I will partake in a challenge blog. So,what could really challenge me? Well i’m already a fitness freak and super scrimper so anything regarding excessive exercise or living off minimal amounts of money per week wouldn’t challenge me. I’m already a fashion and lifestyle blogger so wouldn’t want to do anything fashion or relationship related. But there is one basic skill that would surely challenge me….. cooking. I admit it, I can’t cook to save my life. I can bake, (I love baking cakes and all things nice!) but when it comes to cooking proper food dishes i’m not very good at all! Perhaps a key problem is that i’m lazy when it comes to cooking. If i’m tired even watching the soup bubble in the microwave proves as too time consuming.  Along with this, I don’t really ‘challenge my taste buds’. I stick to boring basic foods like beans, eggs, chicken, salads etc.

So my blog idea is to challenge myself to cook three different dishes for friends and blog about my experience. To make my blog more interesting I want to research the origins of recipes and will specifically pick foods from different cultures. I want to research the specific skills needed to make such dishes and research various ideas and advice found online when cooking challenging foods. With obesity in England currently on the rise, I want to encourage people (like myself) to start spending more time in the kitchen and less time in fast food restaurants.  We live in a society where ready meals are classed as sufficient family dinners when really they are filled with excessive amounts salts and sugars. I hope my blog will break people’s fear of getting in the kitchen and hopefully prove that if I can do it, almost anyone can!!

Now to decide on my three dishes…..


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